The Cost

An opportunity to do the right thing

Get your dog or cat spayed or neutered today. Take advantage of our high-quality low-cost spay-neuter services. You must be a low-income household to qualify for our services. All you have to do is show proof of income such as tax return, Vision card or other proof of low–income status.

Making the right thing affordable

If these fees are outside your means, ask us about any current grants we may have available to help out. We’ll work with you to make it possible.

Spay or Neuter*

$30 Cat Neuter
$40 Cat Spay
$40 Dog Neuter
$50 Dog Spay


$5 at time of surgery
Parvo (dogs)
FVRCP (cat upper respiratory)

Microchip Implants*

$15 Pitbull/Pitbull Mix

* For Those Who Qualify