The Benefits

Have your pet spayed or neutered

Kittens and puppies are cute and all, but giving them away or taking care of them is a hassle.Getting your animal fixed prevents the birth of unwanted animals and makes your cat or dog a better, healthier pet. Unfortunately, it can be expensive — until now.

Healthier animals

We know you love your pet and want the absolute best for it. Did you know that apart from controlling the animal population, spaying or neutering has health and behavioral benefits?

For males, Neutering

  • Stops territorial behaviors like urine marking
  • Makes it less likely to bite
  • Lowers its risk for testicular cancer
  • DOES NOT affect its instinct to guard your family and property

For females, Spaying

  • Stops it from going into heat
  • Reduces mating behaviors such as yowling, frequent urination and bloody discharge
  • Reduces its risk for breast cancer
  • Reduces its risk for uterine infections